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Rejuvenate, Learn, Be Empowered

Come be surrounded by Nature in a supportive environment.

Enjoy fireside chats & Real Foods Cuisine

You will have the chance to participate in fun cooking classes plus learn about a new paradigm for understanding sickness and disease!

  • Learn about the 5 Biological Laws explain the cause, natural development and natural healing of all diseases.

  • Enjoy a supportive environment for healing plus get answers to questions - with real life solutions

  • Discover an entirely new perspective of all disease including "mental illness," depression, quirky behavior, & depression

  • Practical, hands on experience working with your own health issues PLUS learning how to prepare nourishing foods that support the body. You will learn how to use food differently!

  • Walk away with an entirely new perspective on why you have the symptoms you have and, most importantly, a game plan in place to change your health!

Empowerment for Yourself, Friends, and Family

Learn the life-changing information about safely resolving symptoms and dis-eases, as discovered by a Medical Doctor over 35 years ago

  • Get Healthy
  • Help Others
  • Be Empowered
  • Fun cooking workshops for all eating choices
  • Nourishing real foods cuisine
  • How foods and biology work together
  • Beautiful lodgings on 25 acres
  • share a lodging or book your own private
  • chalet with fireplace and jacuzzi

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Hannah, Maine USA

Convergence of Wellness Webinar Participant

I'm so grateful to you for hosting this webinar- it was truly fantastic! ❤. And I can see how this would make a big impact in conscious parenting."

Deborah, Alberta, Canada

Convergence of Wellness Webinar Participant

Andi’s GNM course taught me to sidestep fear and a sense of helplessness after being diagnosed with an “incurable”, “progressive” disease. Now that I am aware of the true causes of my symptoms, I can downgrade them quickly with this new awareness of how the intelligence of the body really works.